Gipuzkoa is one of the three provinces that form part of Euskadi (Basque Country). Spain capital is Madrid, and many of you have been asking for a long time about our motorhome rental service in Spain. Thanks to the tradition of Caravaning enthusiasts, this activity has gained a lot of importance in the country in recent years. If this is your case and you feel tempted by traveling in a motorhome, we assure you that with IKAI VANS you can rent a motorhome in Euskadi, the Basque Country, and Spain without any problems, with All-Inclusive and at the best price. Discover what it feels like to drive a vehicle practically like new, in perfect condition and from top brands.

You should bear in mind that being from the Basque Country implies access to all the features of our motorhome rental, without distinction. At IKAI VANS, we offer you a proposal for a free, flexible, and adventure-filled trip to experience, alone or accompanied, with the people you love the most. Contact us now ( or +34 943 09 81 32) and come to the facilities we have in Andoain (Balastrain, Matxinea 4, Pavilion 9, 20140). Or start planning your trip through the comprehensive website we offer.

Before making your decision about renting a motorhome, it is essential to consider our wide range of available vehicles. We have a diverse fleet of motorhomes in inventory, covering a variety of designs and layouts. These vehicles function as true homes on wheels and are equipped with the most advanced technology, cutting-edge design, state-of-the-art safety measures, and exceptional amenities. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your vacation to the fullest, regardless of your destination, because that is the true magic of Caravaning. If you opt for independence and excitement on your journey, choose IKAI VANS. We offer you the opportunity to rent a motorhome that is practically new, with minimal mileage and state-of-the-art.

Travel in a rental motorhome from Spain around the world

The secret to the success of a trip in a rental motorhome from Spain around the world lies in the vehicle you rent with us. We always provide you with the best motorhomes on the market, of smaller or larger sizes, with a maximum capacity for 4 or 6 people (availability is limited and varies over time). This translates into motorhomes for 6 people, but also into camper vans for 4 people.

Regardless of whether you travel alone or accompanied, with children or without them, we assure you that all vehicles are fully equipped. We have bedrooms, a kitchen with countertops, appliances, stoves, and other utilities, a living room, a full bathroom… And all this is included in the price (check our All-Inclusive policy), also heating, solar panel, mosquito nets on skylights, pop-up roofs, GPS…

Best of all, at IKAI VANS, we offer you a series of advantages, exclusive to our customers:

– All-Risk Insurance and roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– We have secure and private parking. It is a safe and economical way to leave your vehicle in the best hands while you are traveling.

– We pick you up at the airport if requested. This service is on demand, and you have to communicate it before picking up the motorhome.

– The motorhomes have Wi-Fi upon request with coverage throughout Europe. It is the best way to stay connected when you are traveling, and even to continue working if that’s your case.

– We offer workshop service and official Dometic, Aragon hitches, towcar, and Viesa/Eurocolven services.

– Some of the brands we collaborate with at IKAI VANS are Ilusion Caravaning, Sunlight, Dethleffs, or Challenger.

Rent a motorhome in Spain at the best price with IKAI VANS

Beyond renting a motorhome in Spain or a very complete camper van, we want you to enjoy the best possible price. For this reason, we offer rates starting from 100 euros per day in low season, with unlimited mileage, 24-hour roadside assistance, all-risk travel insurance with low deductible, and the best equipment. Don’t miss the opportunity to travel around the world as if you were in your own home, and we assure you that you won’t go back to the traditional vacation model.